We Scale Content Arbitrage

We learned with our own money before we spent anyone else’s.

Our team mastered online marketing by investing our own capital first.

Clients trust us with their campaigns because we spent $100 million+ of our own money first. We “put our money where our mouth is.”

Our founding team ran lead generation and ecommerce offers to multiple million-dollar profits on Facebook, Google, Native ads and anywhere a user can click.

Focused on $uccess

We’ve never lost a client. Because we’re focused on quality over quantity, we work with high-end brands with a fierce determination to win and scale in campaign after campaign.

Just as importantly, we’ve never lost money. Our knowledge bank is extensive, and our team is tenacious when it comes to building ads that work.

For example on Content Arbitrage alone, we’re normally spending (outside of Q4), $150,000/day at a 30% ROI. Clients come to us because of these types of results and because we get them month after month after month…

We know how the game is played, and we play it well.

Our founders

James Van Elswyk

Is a serial entrepreneur with all of his entities focused on clicks and conversions. Starting as a one-man affiliate, he now owns and operates a media buying agency, a creative agency, an affiliate network, and as a brand owner. He also owns a charity that educates underprivileged people on how to media buy and places them in jobs. With a love of split testing and creative strategy he handles many of the off-platform portions of the Symphony Agency process.

Margarita Breda

Is all things clicks. With 6 years of large scale spending her experience and “touch” when it comes to optimizing and scaling makes her a legitimate click whisperer. Managing bids, budgets and audiences is her core focus as she manages the on-platform team. Data analysis and delivery strategy is the core of her role.

Certified Partners

Our guiding principles

  • 01

    Measure twice
    cut once

    We do our homework and planning before we go into battle, so we avoid mistakes that cost money once campaigns are live

  • 02

    Respect the money
    (spend slow)

    We treat your money like our own, carefully. We are judicious and cautious which means spending as small as possible until its time to scale

  • 03

    Don’t Lie

    We don’t do things based on feelings or guesses. Its all measured and managed according to the numbers.

How we do it

  • 01

    After testing over 200k+ creatives we know what works and we’re constantly learning so we never have to reinvent the wheel.

  • 02

    With standardized monthly algorithm tests we’ve learned how to optimize and scale auction based media buying

  • 03

    Global media buyers - with in office teams and remote team in Ukraine, Israel, and the United States we have media buyers responsible for managing campaigns 24/7

  • 04

    With proprietary in-house automation tools, we harness erratic traffic sources to make consistent

And because of this we’ve NEVER had an unprofitable month for a Content Arbitrage client

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